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Sunday 24th June 2018

'RHONY' Star Considers Herself 'Lucky' After Catching Skin Cancer In Time

"The sun is not your friend."

Precautionary measures have allowed Bethenny Frankel to catch skin cancer before it turned dangerous.

The Real Housewives of New York City star recently spoke with People about the cancerous growth she had taken off from right below her eye.

"I had a growth on my face that was enlarging. I guessed it to be a basal cell carcinoma and had it lanced and removed," Bethenny told People. "The doctor confirmed it is indeed basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, and says while it is cancer, I am lucky to have it removed — so it won't affect my overall health."

Bethenny Frankel revealed news of her facial "growth" on Aug. 30. (Credit: Instagram/@bethennyfrankel)

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With its diagnosis as basal cell carcinoma, Bethenny is set to have a procedure in order to fully remove her body of the skin cancer, as well as any follow-up procedures to take away remaining facial marks.

"I am now scheduled to undergo Mohs surgery to remove the cancer, followed immediately by plastic surgery to remove any scarring," she continued.

The 46-year-old considers herself to be "extremely lucky" to have spotted the skin cancer when she did.

Bethenny has remained active with B Strong despite her skin cancer diagnosis. (Credit: Instagram/@bethennyfrankel)

Now, she's taking this an opportunity to suggest everyone else follow suit when it comes to skin care, regularly checking for irregular moles or spots. Sun protection is key, no matter what time of year it is.

"You have to know your body and be very aware of any changes. This was a sharp reminder why it is so important that I religiously wear large hats to cover my face and reapply sunscreen," Bethenny said.

"Always make sure to rub in spray-on sunscreen on your kids — spraying it on by itself doesn't cover them enough. Apply it thoroughly every two hours and check the expiration dates as sunscreen does expire; and sit in the shade whenever possible."

Concern for Bethenny's health arose when the reality star uploaded a video on Aug. 30. She said her charity, B Strong, would be donating all of their charitable earnings to those struggling in Houston following the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

A fan's concerned questioning led Bethenny to speak out about why she was sporting a band-aid. (Credit: Instagram/@bethennyfrankel)

When someone noticed a round band-aid on Bethenny's face, she openly admitted to having a "growth removed."

The skin cancer diagnosis hasn't stopped the Skinnygirl founder from continuing all the great work with B Strong, traveling to Texas and raising "more than $300,000 in supplies and donations," according to People.

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Bethenny has been using #thisisacrisis to bring awareness to the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. (Credit: Instagram/@bethennyfrankel)

Thanks to a partnership with Dress for Success, Bethenny was able to pass out plenty of clothes, personal items, and other help amenities that over 500 women and families lost during the natural disaster.

"I hope this will help these women from feeling helpless," she said. "And any surplus goods will be sent to Florida for families affected by Hurricane Irma."

You can donate any amount now on Bethenny's website to assist in helping those personally affected by Hurriance Irma and Hurricane Harvey.

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