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Wednesday 19th September 2018

'RHONJ’s Siggy Brands Costars 'Trash' Following Shameful Prank In Season Finale

She was especially unhappy there was no apology.

During Wednesday's episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the ladies celebrated Melissa Gorga's birthday at a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida.

It was supposed to be a calm gathering, but it seemed like the word "calm" just wasn't part of their vocabulary that night.

A nice gathering between the housewives quickly took a turn when Teresa instigated a cake fight that cost Siggy $1,000. (Credit: YouTube/@bravo)

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Siggy Flicker bought a $1,000 birthday cake for 38-year-old Melissa's special day, but she was less than amused when both Melissa and costar Teresa Giudice started scooping up the beautiful cake and throwing it at each other.

"It's disgusting…you guys are all animals," she said with disappointment.

Teresa and Melissa took a more lighthearted approach to the entire situation and accused Siggy and the other housewives of being "party poopers."

Siggy was upset because the cake was custom made for Melissa's birthday celebration. (Credit: YouTube/@bravo)

While Teresa, 45, claimed that she only threw the cake to release her stress, Melissa stated that she just wanted to have fun on her birthday.

I feel like I'm being schooled…I am classy but I really want to tell you to [expletive] off.

"I feel like I'm being schooled…I am classy but I really want to tell you to [expletive] off," said Melissa.

"Siggy's behavior screams ''control freak''…the minute we started to have fun Siggy lost her [expletive]," 55-year-old Danielle Staub weighed in.

Siggy, however, did not think she was being a control freak. In fact, she expected an apology the next day!

Siggy thought that she would get an apology for Melissa and Teresa's behavior the next day, but she was wrong. (Credit: Instagram/@siggy.flicker)

To her disdain, she never received one. Teresa actually excluded Siggy from her yoga lesson the next day.

She said that yoga has been a big part of her life since her release from prison and that she would have never made up with Danielle without it.

"If it wasn't for my passion for yoga I feel like Danielle and I would have never rekindled our relationship," she said.

Teresa excluded Siggy from her yoga session the day after the incident. (Credit: Instagram/@teresagiudice)

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Maybe Teresa should have used her yoga skills to apologize to Siggy.

In a later tennis date with all the cast members, Siggy lamented that the cake fight instigators were just "in the car like nothing happened."

Instead of righting their wrongs as Siggy expected, the ladies remained divided and even came up with a nickname for her.

"Who cries about a cake? Siggy, better known as ''Soggy Flicker'' with all the crying," Margaret teased.

Tune into the Real Housewives of New Jersey next week on Bravo to see the rest of the drama unfold.