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Friday 20th April 2018

Phillip Schofield delights fans with new look AND hilarious video

Too much time on your hands, Phil?

He’s shaken off his presenting responsibilities for the next six weeks, and it looks like Phillip Schofield has shaken something else off too, as he takes to Snapchat to debut a new, shorter do.

The silver fox looked delighted as he smiled for a selfie on the app, while also showing his followers his hair choppings during his cut, captioned: ‘Feeling lighter by the second!!’

Phil actually looks like a different man with his fresh trim.

"Holiday hair!", he wrote on the photo messaging app.

Ooh, suits you, Schofe. (Credit: Snapchat)

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Young-at-heart Phil is clearly embracing his time off like an eight-year-old enjoying the summer hols.

He posted a video to Facebook called ‘Phillip and the paper airplane drone’, captioned: “I’ve made a LOT of paper airplanes in my time… and they all flew a darn sight better than this one!” complete with a facepalm emoji.

I’ve made a LOT of paper airplanes in my time… and they all flew a darn sight better than this one!

Phillip tried to work a remote-controlled plane but failed (Credit: Facebook)

The video shows Phil like a kid on Christmas as he eagerly takes his new cardboard drone out of the box and begins to assemble it.

However, his excitement soon turns to frustration as he hits a rough patch getting it to look like the finished product on the packaging.

Eventually, it is ‘built, but not beautifully aerodynamic’, as Phil puts it.

When he finally gets outside to play with his new toy, his first attempt is a bit of a bust, as the gadget flops to the floor.

Realising he had put it together UPSIDE DOWN, he has another go – another fail. Spoiler alert: The third attempt is also far from a success.

How did he manage to make it upside down?! (Credit: Facebook)

Social media addict Phil also let his Instagram fans know what he’s been up to, encouraging them to head to Facebook to take a look at his video with a hilarious still from the video clip.

The Instagram screenshot shows poor Phillip face down on the grass with the paper aeroplane drone at his side, looking defeated.

The post’s caption reads: "Calibrate me!!! New paper plane review vid on my official Facebook... it does NOT go well 😂".

Phil told his Instagram followers to check out the vid, warning them it "didn't go well" (Credit: Instagram)

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Along with co-star Holly Willoughby, Phil is known for a tendency to collapse into a fit of giggles, but this time it was the fans having a laugh at his expense after the hilarious fail.

Hopefully Phil finds some other toys to keep him occupied before it’s time to go back to work!

He's certainly got plenty of time to kill...

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