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Friday 20th July 2018

'OutDaughtered' Fans Go Wild as TLC Makes Huge Announcement About Show

This is what they have been waiting for..

The Busby family will soon be back on our screens with a brand new season of OutDaughtered!

Adam and Danielle Busby, their seven-year-old daughter Blayke and their 3-year-old all-female set of quintuplets will all be returning to TLC for another drama-filled season.

TLC announced the exciting news on Thursday and revealed the new season is set to premiere sometime this year.

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The family have documented their hectic life for two seasons on the reality show and now, they're doing it all over again!

Adam and Danielle shared the news to their fans on Twitter and it's safe to say, they are thrilled.

So excited for another season and to get caught up with the Busby family.

One person tweeted: "Finally!!! So excited!!" while another said: "Yay!! Great news... so excited for another season and to get caught up with the Busby family!"

"I'm so happy to hear this," a third wrote. "I love your show and your family so much!!"

The exciting news comes only days after Blayke celebrated her seventh birthday on April 5, and the quints turned 3 on April 8.

Adam and Danielle's girls recently celebrated their birthdays. (Credit: TLC)

Danielle recently told PEOPLE magazine all about the girls' huge birthday bash.

"Blayke and the quints birthday party was a blast," she said. "This was our first time doing one big party for all the girls and first party outside our home.

"Blayke chose the theme 'Don't be a party pooper' because she loves the poop emoji."

The proud mom revealed Blayke has "grown up a lot this year" and she's "lost six teeth, grew about four inches, and has been the best big sister/mommy helper I could ask for."

Danielle said the adorable quints have also changed a lot.


The couple revealed the new season will be the most "action-packed" season yet. (Credit: TLC)

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She revealed one of the biggest milestones they have reached is that they "talk nonstop with real words and sentences."

With fans desperate to know what they can expect from the brand new season of OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle revealed it is "by far the most action-packed season yet."

"Just wait, because all the girls’ personalities have bloomed and they started really communicating," they said. "We hit all the big holidays and our first big family vacation. We’re so excited!"

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