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Tuesday 25th September 2018

Nude Gary Lineker forced to cover his bum in new advert!

He sure is in great nick, though!

Mind the gap! Gary Lineker has proven to be too hot to handle for Transport for London bosses, who have rejected an advertising campaign featuring the ex-footballer seemingly in the buff.

The campaign - for an unnamed brand - was due to launch on Monday, but has breached rules around 'sexual' displays.

And the ads have been sent back to the agency to have PANTS digitally added to the footballer-turned-pundit.

Put some pants on Gary! (Credit: Tfl)

Transport for London rejected the adverts because they "depicted men, women or children in a sexual manner or display nude figures in a sexual content."

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And looking at the steamy shots, it's hard not to agree.

The risque ads showed a 'naked' Lineker (Credit: Tfl)

A TfL spokesperson said: "Every advertisement that runs on our estate is reviewed against our advertising policy.

"We continually work with advertisers and brands in order to ensure that all adverts meet our mutual requirements. A slightly amended version of this poster campaign will run on our network from 23 October.”

And a spokesperson behind the advertising campaign said: "We worked closely with TfL to ensure the adverts that will appear on Monday are suitable for the environment.

"TfL have been incredibly helpful at every step of the way to ensure all parties are happy with the final images”

This would be quite the sight on your morning commute (Credit: TfL)

The campaign was concocted as a reference to Gary's famous promise to present Match of the Day in his underpants if Leicester City won the Premier League in 2016.

Leicester duly obliged, and Gary presented the following show in a pair of Leicester-branded bloomers.

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No jacket required. Or pants, apparently. (Credit: TfL)

We have to say, 56-year-old Gary is looking absolutely swell in these pics - it's almost a shame to cover him up!