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Sunday 24th June 2018

MTV Accused of 'Glorifying' Teen Pregnancy With New Reality Show

"Enough is enough," one person said.

MTV has been criticized after the premiere of its latest show, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, failed to win over some viewers.

The series - which debuted on the network on March 12 - is a new version of hit reality series Teen Mom, and will follow the lives of five young moms from teenage life, to pregnancy, to motherhood.

During Monday night's one-hour special, hosted by Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout, fans were able to meet the five (very different) moms.


Ashley and her boyfriend's lives were turned upside down when they discovered she was pregnant. (Credit: MTV)

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First up is 20-year-old Ashley, whose life was turned upside down when she and her boyfriend Bariki (Bar) found out they were having a baby.

But while Ashley's mom seems to get on well with Bar, his mother is constantly arguing with Ashley.

This causes some tension between Ashley and Bar and Monday's episode ended with Ashley in tears after a heated argument between herself, her mother and Bar.

The second mom in the series is 17-year-old Brianna, who got pregnant after hooking up with an old friend.

Brianna was dating her transgender boyfriend Danae for three years but after he cheated, they broke up and she got pregnant by someone else.


Brianna got pregnant after hooking up with an old friend. (Credit: MTV)

When are you going to stop glorifying teenage pregnancy .

Brianna and Danae are back together and he has promised Brianna that he will help raise the baby as his own.

The third mama featured in the new series is 20-year-old Jade.

On top of preparing for a new baby, Jade is also dealing with an unstable relationship with her parents and her unambitious boyfriend, Sean.

But Jade is hoping she can depend on her mother, who has been in and out of jail and rehab, once her baby arrives.


Jade is dealing with an unstable relationship with her parents. (Credit: MTV)

The final two moms are 18-year-old Kayla and 17-year-old Lexi.

Kayla's pregnancy wasn't planned but she's excited to have her first child with her boyfriend of three years, Stephan.

But Stephen has cheated on Kayla multiple times in the past and at 27 weeks pregnant Kayla finds out he cheated again.

The couple agree that although they have issues, they are going to work on moving forward together.


Kayla will consider whether to leave her boyfriend or stay with him for the sake of their child. (Credit: MTV)

Meanwhile, Lexi had it all going for her before she got pregnant.

She was captain of the cheerleading team when she found out she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend.

At 29 weeks pregnant, she begins to struggle with being on the high school squad.


Lexi became pregnant by her ex-boyfriend while in high school. (Credit: MTV)

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Following the show's premiere Monday night, some viewers weren't happy with the new series and hit out at MTV.

One person ranted on Twitter: "Not watching this garbage. And I'm ashamed for even tweeting about it."

Others accused MTV of "glorifying" teen pregnancy.

Check out more reactions from viewers below.

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