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Sunday 24th June 2018

Mel B’s Divorce Drama Just Took Another Wild Turn

The battle of the exes is getting messier and messier.

In what may be one of Hollywood's messiest divorces in history, Mel B is finding herself at the center of even more controversy as she attempts to distance herself from ex Stephen Belafonte.

On Tuesday E! News reported that the Spice Girl is under investigation for witness intimidation associated with her ongoing divorce battle.

Mel B is currently under investigation for intimidating a witness in her divorce battle. (Credit: Instagram/@agt)

Whose testimony is Mel allegedly trying to sway? A rapper by the name of Siya.

According to a police report filed by the recording artist, Mel sent her text messages concerning the restraining order she has in place against both Stephen and their former nanny Lorraine Gilles. Reportedly these texts contained threats against Siya.

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The Los Angeles Police Department says an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Stephen Belafonte was granted temporary visitation rights with the daughter he shares with Mel. (Credit: Instagram/@officialmelb)

This is just another bizarre twist in the marital split, which officially began when Mel filed for divorce from Stephen back in March.

According to a story which ran on TMZ, Siya has plans to testify that Mel's claims she was abused during her marriage are false. The rapper was also going to shed light on the sexual relationship Mel allegedly had with Lorraine.

Mel has accused Stephen of abusing her during their marriage. (Credit: Instagram/@officialmelb)

In her divorce filing the America's Got Talent judge said her ex coerced her into having "sexual intercourse with him and random women," threatening to make a mockery of the performer if she didn't comply.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Mel also says Lorraine became pregnant by Stephen. The former nanny turned around and filed a defamation suit against her.

Mel has been charging on as a single parent, taking her daughter Phoenix on a trip to her hometown of Leeds, England earlier this year. (Credit: Instagram/@officialmelb)

Custody of the former couple's shared daughter, Madison, is also at stake. Stephen was granted temporary visitation rights with the 5-year-old in April.

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In what appeared to be a small win for Mel, a 5-year civil harassment restraining order was granted on her behalf against Lorraine.

Stephen's legal team calls any and all of Mel's accusations "outrageous and unfounded."

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