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Wednesday 15th August 2018

Meghan McCain Chastised by Fans in 'Wedding Outtake' Photo

They weren't happy about one element of her wedding.

The View co-host Meghan McCain shared some wedding outtake photos on her Instagram page, and while most fans were delighted by the candid look at her special day, some took issue with one element of her wedding reception.

Meghan, 33, married her husband Ben Domenech, 36, on November 21, 2017 at her family's ranch in Sedona, Ariz. She captioned the album, "Wedding outtakes featuring whiskey and cigars."

Wedding outtakes featuring whiskey and cigars ♥🇺🇸🌵🥃

A post shared by Meghan McCain (@meghanmccain) on

Fans took issue with the third photo in the album -- which showed Megan taking a drag on a cigar, while her new hubby held one in his hand.

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Credit: Instagram/@meghanmccain

Meghan and her husband Ben smoked at their wedding. (Credit: Instagram/@meghanmccain)

@demimatte questioned, "I thought smoking was really bad for you.."

@mrmodisette_ agreed, writing, "Even just one tobacco product can lay the grounds for lung cancer."

Meghan's father, Senator John McCain, attended the wedding and is currently battling glioblastoma -- an aggressive form of brain cancer, and at least one fan was concerned about him being exposed to the smoke.

(Credit: The View)

Some fans thought Meghan shouldn't be smoking around her dad, pictured here on The View. (Credit: The View)

@roxana_today pointed out that even if her father didn't smoke a cigar himself, "it's safe to assume that HE did get some second hand [smoke]."

But other fans of Meghan loved the idea of a wedding cigar bar.

@mcgoughml wrote, "Of course a stogie for ur day! Awesome," while @finallygigi__ commented, "Love the whiskey & cigars bar!!"

There was one photo that everyone could agree that they loved, however.

Meghan McCain with her parents Cindy and John at her wedding. (Credit: Instagram/@meghanmccain)

Megan shared a photo with her parents, Senator McCain and Cindy McCain, and fans were astounded by the resemblance between Meghan and her mother.

@michellekellyhogan wrote, "I [love] the one with you your momma & daddy."

@alcat_xo noted, "Wow I never realized how much you look like your mom! Great pictures."

@tabithasoren pointed out, "Your mom still looks like your sister."

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