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Sunday 24th June 2018

Meghan Markle Just Did Something It Took Kate Middleton FIVE Years To Do

So says an insider.

Kate Middleton met Prince William in 2001. They started dating in 2003 and it wasn’t until 2008 – FIVE years later – that the future Duchess of Cambridge met the Queen at a royal family wedding.

But, barely one year after dating Prince Harry, Suits star Meghan Markle has reportedly met his granny Elizabeth II.

Us Weekly is making the claim saying that, despite being “a little nervous” about meeting the 91-year-old monarch, the actress allegedly met the Queen earlier this month.

Kate Middleton (pictured with her kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte) didn't meet Prince William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II until 2008 – five years after she started dating the future king. (Credit: FAMEFLYNET)

The introduction reportedly came shortly after the couple returned from their three-week vacation in Botswana and Zambia.

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A friend of the prince claimed the two women met on September 3.

After arriving in London, Harry reportedly decided to take his girlfriend up to Scotland to visit his dad the Prince of Wales and his stepmom Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at their 53,000-acre estate in Aberdeenshire.

The two-day trip supposedly included a visit to the Queen at Balmoral Castle, where the royals vacation at this time of the year.

Prince Harry reportedly introduced his girlfriend Meghan Markle to his grandmother just over a year after they started dating. (Credit: FAMEFLYNET)

The pal claimed: “Harry decided to take Meghan to visit as he hadn’t been up yet all summer.

“He wanted to introduce Meghan to the Queen.”

The 36-year-old Hollywood actress must have made a great impression because the insider said: “It went well. It’ll no doubt be the first of many encounters.”

The source added: “The entire weekend was a success.”

It was, the person claimed, especially successful because the prince was “able to introduce someone he loves to someone he cares for deeply.”

(Credit: BBC)

The Queen is said to have met Meghan in early September while she was at her Scottish estate, Balmoral Castle. (Credit: BBC)

Despite their different backgrounds the friend says the U.S. actress who has been married once before “fits perfectly into the family.”

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Meghan is said to get on “fabulously with Charles” and his wife Camilla.

The insider said: “The difference in backgrounds means absolutely nothing.”

As for the next step in their romance, while engagement rumors continue, the source said: “Meghan and Harry are in such a good place.

“Africa took their relationship to a whole other level. They’re just crazy about each other.”

Prince Harry is said to care very deeply for Meghan and a proposal of marriage is rumored to be on the cards. (Credit: ITV)

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