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Monday 24th September 2018

Man bewildered after kids are given trick-or-treat goodies that went off last millennium

This really takes the biscuit

A businessman from Leeds had a nasty surprise when he tucked into some biscuits his kids had brought back from trick or treating - only to run to the sink when he realised they expired over 18 YEARS ago.

Dad-of-two Adrian Johnson realised his mistake after wolfing down the Digestive biscuits.

And the PR executive then took to Twitter to share his gruesome discovery, with the caption: "Think I've just eaten a biscuit (from a packet given to our kids while trick or treating) that went out of date 18 years ago. Not joking."

Far from a treat for Adrian (Credit: Twitter)

He followed it up with: "Don't think this specific brand exists any more. Is there a doctor in the house?"

Responding to a concerned follower, Adrian cleared up where the offending biscuits had come from - a neighbour, who probably thought they were being generous in handing out a full pack.

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But many friends and followers on Twitter believed that the culprit should be identified, with one even suggesting Adrian take legal action against them.

However, most responses were simply ones laughing at Adrian's misfortune, with many wondering how he could have possibly eaten something so far past its sell by date.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Adrian tweeted the next day that the biscuits had made him "wretch into the sink," but he added that he was glad to be alive the next morning.

In response to a user who asked him how he hadn't noticed that the biscuits were of the legal drinking age, Adrian responded: "I've no idea. They were pretty white on the biscuit bit. Didn't they send biscuits on the ships in days of yore to combat scurvy?"

Adrian then posted a small glimpse of the biscuits themselves, in their wrapper - and it looks like he'd eaten more than just one!

The offending Digestives from 1999 (Credit: Twitter)

We're all for biscuits, and we've probably scoffed down a few slightly questionable ones in our time - but never ones that pre-dated YouTube.

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We expect Adrian will be monitoring next year's Halloween haul very carefully - and it's a good thing he ate these dodgy Digestives before his daughters could!