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Wednesday 19th September 2018

Jessa Duggar Instagram Pic Has Mom Fans Cheering

We've all been there when it comes to keeping a careful eye on our children!

Jessa Duggar’s latest Instagram photo has mom fans cheering for the most darling reason and it has to do with making a mother's life just a bit easier.

The Counting On star took her two sons Spurgeon and Henry to her local Aldi supermarket and fans were thrilled to see the adorable photo of the tots in a two-seater shopping cart.

Jessa remarked on the social media site, “Yay for double seats!”

Jessa Duggar shared a social media post where her boys Henry and Spurgeon were seated together in her local supermarket and fans went wild! (Credit: Instagram/@jessaseewald)

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As any mother with two young children knows all too well, it is difficult to shop when you have more than one kid that need to be seated in the same cart.

Many times, one child will be in the seat and the younger child will be in a car seat in the basket of the shopping cart, leaving no room for groceries.

Jessa regularly posts adorable family photos of herself, sons Spurgeon and Henry and husband Ben Seewald. (Credit: TLC)

A double seated cart allows a mom to have both kids close by and be able to do her shopping effectively.

Fans were quick to respond to her social media post.

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One Instagram user remarked, “Love double seats, and slightly jealous. Our Aldi just got new carts, but we don't have any double seats.”

Of all the Duggar children, fans have always favored Jessa and have cheered her love story with husband Ben. (Credit: TLC)

“Double the fun!” quipped another fan.

“They are seriously cute, I love their big smiles!” commented another user.

“Hilarious.... And I have to add that Spurgeon is Jessa's twin,” said a fan of the family.

Jessa and sister-in-law Anna Duggar regularly share parenting tips and tricks with one another. (Credit: TLC)

The Counting On star regularly shares photos of her sons on social media and fans are thrilled with each and every post.

Despite the constant scandal that seems to surround her family, Jessa Duggar’s social media posts are a bright spot for fans of the supersized clan.

Counting On airs Mondays on TLC.