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Monday 24th September 2018

Holly Willoughby issues advice to Love Island's Alex about Eyal

She's an avid fan of this year's show!

This Morning's Holly Willoughby has issued some surprising advice to Love Island's Alex George in his rivalry with fellow islander Eyal Booker: do nothing!

The two men both fancy Love Island newcomer Megan Barton Hanson and recently clashed when Eyal chose to snog her in front of Alex.

Holly, 37, said on Wednesday's This Morning that Doctor Alex should just sit back and let model Eyal crash and burn on his own.

Phil and Holly discussed Love Island on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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She said of Eyal: "I don't like it when someone pretends to be all sort of really peaceful and hippy and at one with the world then gets a little bit aggressive pursuing something."

He just needs to sit back and let Eyal implode on himself.

"Alex needs to do nothing," she added. "He just needs to sit back and let Eyal implode on himself."

Eyal really fancies Megan... but so does Alex! (Credit: ITV)

Phillip Schofield added: "Let Eyal be an eel!"

Holly also predicted that Eyal may have blown his chances with fellow model Megan after kissing her twice in front of Alex and the other islanders.

Alex thinks Eyal's move was distasteful (Credit: ITV)

"After last night, I think she won't [pick Eyal at the recoupling]. I think he made her cross last night," she said.

Phil agreed: "I think you're right. She might have picked him until he played those cards..."

Holly thinks Eyal has blown his chances with Megan (Credit: ITV)

Love Island viewers turned on Eyal last night after his "shock" decision to make out with Megan in front of Alex

Both men have been grafting Megan, 24, in recent days, hoping to win her affections.

But viewers have accused confident Eyal of taking it too far by snogging Megan in full view of Alex during scenes on Tuesday night, before insisting he had no idea Alex had been able to see them.


Many other fans have said the same thing, accusing Eyal of being a "snake" towards Alex when he knows Alex also likes Megan.

There were other viewers, of course, who were on Team Eyal, saying he wasn't doing anything wrong by chasing the girl he likes.

On last night's episode, Alex described Eyal's actions with Megan as "a bit desperate", saying he felt hurt.

Alex said: "I did feel a bit hurt because I would not have done that to him or anyone here, to bring a girl over almost like a victory thing or 'she's my girl' kind of thing, and kiss her so openly in front of everyone, in front of me."

Alex told Eyal his actions seemed 'desperate' (Credit: ITV)

Alex added: "It was a bit distasteful."

He then confronted Eyal, who insisted it wasn't meant in a "malicious" way and he hadn't seen Alex could see him and Megan.

Eyal insisted he hadn't intended anything 'malicious' (Credit: ITV)

Eyal said: "It wasn't done to make anyone feel [bleep]. It was done for me to reassure Megan I'm interested in her."

Alex simply said: "I always think treat people how you'd like to be treated. I wouldn't personally have done it but it is what it is..."

Eyal said he hadn't even seen Alex when he kissed Megan (Credit: ITV)

Back in the Beach Hut, Eyal admitted: "I care about people and I always have done and I care about their feelings but as much as Alex is a nice guy, we're in this villa and you have to get what you want. And I want Megan."

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Viewers will find out on Wednesday night's episode whether Megan chooses Eyal or Alex in the recoupling - or maybe throws a curveball and chooses someone else entirely!

Love Island airs 9pm on ITV2.

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