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Wednesday 15th August 2018

Former 'The View' Co-Host Slams Instagram User for Body Shaming Remark

She wasn't going to let it slide.

Candace Cameron Bure won't stand for unwarranted criticism of her or her family.

The former View co-host shared a photo of her and her son Lev outside Nobu Malibu, only to have an Instagram user leave a comment insinuating that she'd put on a few pounds.

Nobu with @levvbure - celebrating a new direction 🎬

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"All that excercising [sic] and you still look like you weigh more than your husband, did you change your diet?" they wrote.

Bure didn't let it slide, responding with a comment of her own.

"If a 25 inch waist looks big to you… then you’re looking through an altered lens. Be well," she clapped back.

Others Instagram users spoke out in defense of Bure, calling her "beautiful" and "beyond perfect."

"Hell with what others say. You look amazing!" one fan wrote, with another person saying that the comment was a "a bizarre thing to say."

In fact, the 42-year-old is no stranger to fitness and staying active.

Back in February, Bure told PEOPLE that she's never felt more "fit and strong" in her entire life. A big part of that comes from what she eats, citing a "very plant and grain-based diet."

"I follow a more Mediterranean diet, so I eat lots of fresh vegetables and whole grains and fish," she said.

"I don’t eat dairy very often, and I’ve cut most of the sugar out of my diet — I see the biggest effect from not eating as much sugar."

When it comes to bulimia, something Bure dealt with growing up, the Fuller House star insists that it's a thing of the past.

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"It’s not something that I struggle with anymore. I really found my joy in fitness, and then as I get older I’ve just been fine-tuning my diet and I enjoy eating what makes my body feel the best," she said.

"I feel a real sense of accomplishment about what my body can still do, and I want to keep it in shape and keep it strong for so many years that are ahead of me. You kind of take your body for granted when you’re younger, so the older I get the prouder I am of the things I’m able to do with it."

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