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Sunday 24th June 2018

'DWTS' Star Simone Biles Shares Funniest Video After Trip To Dentist

The Olympic gymnast was brave to share the clip with millions of people.

Simone Biles has posted a memeworthy video of herself after getting her wisdom teeth removed.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant laughed at herself while sharing the video, which shows her clearly in a drug-induced daze, chatting gibberish and pretending to drive a car.

She really is a brave lady after uploading the embarrassing video.

Simone, 20, is seen lying in the dentist's chair with a mouth stuffed full of cotton while trying to sing.

Simone Biles was pretended to drive a car at the dentist's office. (Credit: Instagram/@simonebiles)

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Luckily, her sister was on hand to capture every second of her hilarious antics, laughing so hard while recording.

Taking to Instagram after her appointment, she shared the clip with her 3.5 million followers, writing: "After wisdom teeth !! no words😂 haha! ENJOY! hope y'all get a good laugh!!"

This gives me life! —Instagrammer

Everybody certainly did!

The post racked up more than 1.4 million views already.

after wisdom teeth !! no words😂 haha! ENJOY! hope yall get a good laugh!!

A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on

And her fans couldn't help but laugh at the bleary-eyed athlete.

After watching her pretending to driving a car, along with some pretty convincing horn honking, one of her fans asked: "What are you doing? Driving down the street?"

Another follower laughed: "This gives me life!😂😂."

"Omg that would be me! Have you got your drivers license I would be scared if you were on the road 😂😂😂😂😂," said another slightly concerned follower.

Luckily, she didn't drive home!

Adria Biles couldn't help but take a selfie with her drugged-up sis. (Credit: Instagram/@simonbiles)

A third person added: "It looks like you were driving a car... I guess that medicine is driving you crazy...HAHAA."

That's a video that she can show her grandchildren one day, that's for sure.

Simone has been taking a year off training after competing in the 2016 Olympic games, but things are set to ramp up a bit now.

The pint-sized athlete is back in training mode after nearly a year off. (Credit: Instagram/@simonbiles)

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The star revealed that she's been working out again.

Sharing a snap of herself with her two cousins at what looks like an athletic track, the tiny sports star was seen wearing a white tank top, black shorts and sneakers.

"Lol haven't worked out since the Olympics but my cousins dragged me out here ☠️," she wrote, clearly finding it hard on her body.

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