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Wednesday 15th August 2018

'DWTS' Pro Shares Why He 'Quit' During Drama with Former Partner

He’s spilling secrets!

Tony Dovolani revealed he “had enough” of Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin during Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars, leading him to temporarily walk out on the series.

The explosive battle, documented during the season, resulted in Tony coming back to the show and finishing out his time with the reality star before she was eliminated from the series competition.

Tony revealed in a podcast for Hollywood Life that he realized quickly that the TLC star “wasn’t there for the right reasons.”

Tony Dovolani stated in an new interview that Kate Gosselin "wasn't on DWTS for the right reasons." (Credit: ABC)

He said that although some of their altercations were shown on-camera, what fans didn’t see was even more emotional for the professional dancer.

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“For me, I love dancing. I love what dancing does for people. It’s a happy sport, it’s a wonderful life that it’s created for me, and I just felt at that moment that she had done the show for the wrong reasons,” Tony explained.

“She didn’t realize where she was at… I hadn’t signed up for that,” he continued.

Tony, who was a pro with the series for 22 seasons, remarked in the interview that he felt he just wasn’t able to “teach” Kate.

Therefore, he temporarily quit the series.

Kate and Tony appeared on Season 10 of "Dancing with the Stars." (Credit: ABC)

“When I decided to quit nothing major happened, it was just a build up of things where I just said that I didn’t sign up for this. For babysitting, maybe, a little bit,” he said.

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“Some of these celebrities, or reality celebrities, I should say, they sometimes … they have an idea of what they think they are and who they are, and they didn’t realize that I wasn’t there to deal with them. I was there to teach them how to dance. So, when it becomes about other than teaching them how to dance, I want no part of it."

Tony continued, adding that, "For me, it’s like when it comes to reality stars, I mean the word itself explains it. Reality star. Which means that you’re an interesting individual, character maybe … like the villain or somebody that you like. For me, I respect talent. I respect hard work."

After Tony quit the series, producers quickly jumped on board to get him to return.

"It was one of these executive producer phone calls saying, ‘Please don’t leave. We’ll owe you. We’ll give you a better partner next year,'" he revealed.

There's no telling if Tony will return for the 26th season of Dancing With the Stars, set to premiere this spring.

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