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Friday 20th July 2018

'DWTS' Pro Shares Candid Post About Medical Condition

The star was diagnosed in 2008.

Julianne Hough has shared a candid post on social media about living with endometriosis, a disease in which the tissue that lines the uterus starts growing outside of it.

The professional dancer, 29, revealed she recently underwent her second round of laparoscopy surgery during the holidays.

She dedicated Friday's flashback Instagram post to her "guardian angel" who has been right by her side after the  surgeries – her dog Lexi.

#FBF to when I had my first laparoscopy for my Endometriosis back in 2008 when my angel baby LEXI 🐶 was only a few months old. Cut to (SWIPE RIGHT👉🏼) 9 years later and not much has changed... except the size of her little head :) My second laparoscopy for my Endometriosis was over the holidays and of course, who was right by my side? My guardian angel Lexi. Who else feels like their dog is their guardian angel? Tell me your stories about your angels! LEXI always knows when I’m sick, feeling sad, or when I need her, and I don’t even know it... Dogs are just incredible!!! I love my Lexi soooo much!!!! #dogsarelife #somedogsarehumans #gaurdianangel #soulmate #endometriosis #harleymatterstoo 📷: @marriannhough ‘08 📷: @brookslaich ‘17

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My second laparoscopy for my Endometriosis was over the holidays.

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Julianne shared two photos, one from 2008 when she was recovering from her first procedure and another snap as she recovers from her most recent surgery.

The photos show adorable Lexi cuddling into Julianne's neck as the star rests in bed.

"Lexi always knows when I'm sick, feeling sad, or when I need her," Julianne wrote. "Dogs are just incredible. I love my Lexi soooo much!!"

Julianne was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2008.

Julianne Hough was diagnosed with the condition in 2008. (Credit: WENN)

Following her diagnosis the star has been very open about the condition and has become a spokeswoman for AbbVie's Get in the Know About ME in EndoMEtriosis campaign.

In September, Julianne revealed on NBC's Today that for years she suffered from painful periods and sharp pains in her abdomen, but believed it was just another part of being a woman.

Even though there is no cure for endometriosis, Julianne said she hopes her story can encourage others who have similar symptoms to get checked out.

"[The condition] feels like sharp, dagger pains and it's almost instant," Hough said.

"It comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden I'll be like, 'Oh, crap,' and then it will last for a minute and then go away. And then another sharp pain, and then it will subside."

Julianne proudly speaks about living with the condition. (Credit: Instagram/@juleshough)

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She added: "And for me, that usually happens three or four times a day, for a span of five minutes. And then I'm fine."

She went on to reveal that educating herself on the condition has helped her a lot.

"It sort of gives you peace of mind, like a name to the pain," she said.

"Just knowing that I'm not the only one who feels this and that I'm not overreacting. Giving myself more compassion for how I'm feeling."

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