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Wednesday 15th August 2018

'DWTS' Pro Makes Fellow Dancer Scream in 'Naughty' Prank

One fan said it was "so evil."

Many members of the Dancing With the Stars cast are on the road with the show's Light Up the Night tour, and it looks like they're having a blast!

So much fun, in fact, that DWTS veteran Sasha Farber decided to play one of his characteristic pranks on tour newcomer Morgan Larson. (Morgan joined the tour when Witney Carson had to bow out due to a health crisis in her family.)

Credit: Instagram/morgannimal

Morgan dancing with Sasha on a recent tour stop. (Credit: Instagram/morgannimal)

For the gag, Sasha pulled up a "razor" app on his phone that made it sound like an electric razor.

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He pretended to be filming a Q&A for Dancing With the Stars, and ran up behind her in the dressing room and brushed the phone "razor" up against the back of her head.

Credit: Instagram/@sashafarber1

Morgan was totally freaked out. (Credit: Instagram/@sashafarber1)

Her reaction was priceless. She freaked out, shrieking, and asking, "Did you cut it off?"

He replied, "No," and burst out laughing. You can watch the prank in his Instagram post below.

He captioned it, "SORRY @morgannimal it was just meant to be a joke."

SORRY @morgannimal it was just meant to be a joke 😂😂😂 #tourpranks

A post shared by Sasha Farber (@sashafarber1) on

Fans thought it was hilarious, but also quite mean.

@michellespurgeon commented, "I'm surprised you don't have a permanent black eye from all your pranking."

Another fan named @dfenston said, "Omg. That’s so evil," while @colemonck protested, "Naughty, don't shave @morgannimal's hair, what the world Sasha!"

@jesskanoelle wrote, "I could not handle all your pranks but I enjoy watching from afar," while @sofia_romanova1 proclaimed, "Now Morgan is officially part of DWTS [tour] fam!"

Sasha has posted his DWTS pranks before. In November 2017 he teamed up with Property Brothers star Drew Scott to prank Sasha's DWTS co-star and fianceé Emma Slater.

Drew asked Emma to join him on a couch, and when she sat down, Sasha popped up from beneath the curtains.

Sasha captioned the video, "The fun just never ends! @theemmaslater @mrdrewscott @dancingabc and that's why I love you baby."

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