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Monday 25th June 2018

Corrie spoiler: Betrayed Michelle kicks Steve AND Liz out of pub

How much more must this poor woman endure?

Corrie viewers got a shock last night as Steve McDonald blurted out in the bistro that he was the father of Leanne's baby as he was handed the newborn to hold.

We knew the truth would come tumbling out at some point - but it came a lot sooner than expected.

Of course, the whole thing was a huge, devastating shock to his wife Michelle, who is already broken following the death of her baby with Steve Ruairi.

Naturally she raised hell with both Leanne and Steve, punching her so-called friend in the face during a confrontation in the bistro toilets.

Back at the Rovers later, she screamed at her husband that he had "killed" them.

And, as the news of their betrayal beds in, the grieving mum is not in a more forgiving mood.

Pictures from an upcoming episode of the soap show that, after losing her baby and her husband, Michelle does not intend to lose her home as well.

She barricades herself into the Rovers, leaving Steve and poor Liz - innocent but for reluctantly keeping her son's shameful secret - literally out in the cold.

The Connors - who have witnessed the heartache she has already faced - are only too happy to help her protect what life and familiarity she has left.

On Monday's episode, fans will see her demand a divorce - and half the assets from the marriage - from Steve.

It doesn't look like there is much hope for this couple now.

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