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Friday 20th July 2018

CNN Guest Slammed for Profanity-Filled Rant

The comments are jaw-dropping.

Former FBI senior intelligence adviser Philip Mudd is catching major heat for a profanity-filled rant he delivered Thursday on Don Lemon's CNN Tonight.

Philip, who often appears on the network as an analyst, was responding to the news that President Donald Trump allegedly referred to Haiti and countries in Africa as "shithole countries" during an official meeting about immigration.

Philip had a few choice words for Trump. (Credit: Random Guy/YouTube)

Needless to say, the counterterrorism analyst wasn't too pleased with Trump's alleged comment that many people, including top Democrats, are calling racist.

And to drive home his extreme displeasure with the president, Philip went into a curse-filled tirade that stunned countless viewers.

“I’m not surprised,” the analyst said of Trump's alleged remark. “In one way, I’m proud. I am a proud shitholer. My family was called Wops and mackerel-eaters. I’m proud of that.

"We came when with people from Ireland when they were seen as dirty people. Dirty Catholics who didn’t belong in a Protestant country.”

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But if Philip's "proud shitholer" proclamation wasn't shocking enough, he then went into a passionate monologue chock-full or racial slurs.

“I’ve seen these conversations that this is economic, so let’s be clear, a white honky from Norway can come here but a black dude from Haiti can’t. What does that tell you in an America that in one generation called you an ‘N-word'," he ranted to the CNN star.

“What does that tell you Don? I can tell you what it tells a honky like me.

"We’re no different than we were a generation ago and we’re learning the same lessons that we learned when we called a Chinese man a slant-eye, when we called a man from Guatemala a spic and wetback and we called a black man an N—word.”

Philip used the N-word multiple times to get his point across. (Credit: aDDmoreJuice/YouTube)

Following Philip's angry speech, many people took to Twitter to decry his use of the N-word. Essentially, viewers felt he could have used a different and less offensive word to get his point across.

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One fan wrote: "Philip Mudd out here spitting facts but as a white man you ain't gotta say n-gger twice on live TV dawg..."

Another added: "WOW! The always obnoxious and condescending Philip Mudd just went WAY over the line tonight on @CNN!

"Where's the outrage for him using the "N-word" TWICE in one diatribe while talking to @DonLemon?

"These people are such hypocrites!"

Someone else said: "LOL, this guy is unhinged. CNN had a problem with Clay Travis saying "boobs" on air, but not with any of this!"

Fortunately for the analyst, however, the reactions weren't all negative.

A particularly pleased viewer gushed: "Philip Mudd just won CNN tonight by a hundred miles."

Someone else said: "Just saw Philip Mudd on CNN go off. Wow. Bravo!"

And as for Don's take on Philip's expletive-filled rant, he didn't appear to blink an eye during the segment.

You can watch the controversial clip below. Please be advised that this content might be offensive to some viewers.

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