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for Friday 23rd June 2017

Cheryl's Conundrum About Fame And Relationships: Can It Really Work?

Cheryl's Conundrum About Fame And Relationships: Can It Really Work?

Celebrated Dating Blogger Paul Thomas Bell looks at whether Cheryl's divorce proves fame and true love can't exist together


So it appears to be the end of marriage number two for Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, but with regret, I can’t say I’m all that surprised. It seems unusual that someone so successful and easy on the eye be so unlucky in love, but what exactly is the cause of her troubles? Is it Cheryl herself? Her taste in men? Or is it just another classic example of a relationship succumbing to the pressures of the public eye?

It seems we now have an explanation for Cheryl’s shockingly gaunt appearance on last year’s X-Factor. Cheryl, so long the object of the male population’s affections had become worryingly thin and that gleaming smile just wasn’t having quite the same impact that it once did.

But had we known the full extent of her marital troubles I imagine she may have found comfort in the nation’s sympathy, as opposed to endless speculation regarding her weight.

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Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to admit the end of the relationship – particularly when you’re facing a wave of ‘I told you so’s’ having gotten married a mere three months after meeting.

Sometimes we often take for granted the privacy we enjoy in our relationships, a concept that becomes virtually non-existent with the poisoned chalice of fame. Many argue that celebrities know exactly what they’re getting themselves into, and that may well be true, but does that necessarily mean it’s fair?

Relationships are difficult enough at the best of times, but imagine your every move being followed by the eyes of the nation. You almost wonder how the good couples do it!

Fame of course can be very fickle at times and is by no means guaranteed to be long-term. So why then do so many celebrities tempt fate with their relationships?

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Take Strictly Come Dancing for example, the best dating show on TV. Those poor partners, I fear ‘I’m going on Strictly’ has become the new ‘we need to talk’ for celeb couples. ‘Trust’ is of course the biggest problem, with fame comes a raft of both men and women throwing themselves at celebs (regardless of appearance) and with that comes temptation -a concept that reminds us so brutally that we’re all only human.

Being ‘famous’ in one way is nothing more than a job title and being a celebrity is no guarantee to resisting the temptation put our way. Look at Cheryl’s ex Ashley Cole, a man who seemed to have it all but was then caught out sending nude snaps to a whole host of women and of course Jude Law, no explanation needed.

Kelly Brook is another curious example of fame affecting relationships, a stunning individual with money and success and yet wades through one messy situation after the other.

Apart from a few exceptions, it does seem at times that fame and true love really don’t go hand in hand. Even the Beckhams, the golden couple of the celebrity world have had their problems, remember Rebecca Loos anyone?

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Maybe no celebrity couple is safe? On the one had even serial dater Jennifer Aniston has finally settled down so perhaps all anyone needs is time. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible to shake the feeling that she still misses Brad, anyone agree?

Who knows what’s next for our darling Cheryl, she’s transitioned from the Tweedie who beat up a toilet attendant, to the princess of wags, to the nation’s sweetheart, to the wife of a dashing Frenchman, to well … just Cheryl. But perhaps at the moment that’s exactly what she needs to be right now, just Cheryl.