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Monday 24th September 2018

Carol Vorderman leaves fans hot under the collar with 'saucy' tweet

She needs to get to the bottom of this

Former Countdown star Carol Vorderman should know by now that every tweet should be carefully considered - lest it be taken the wrong way.

But she found out the hard way when she tweeted a lovely image from the Pride of Britain launch, cuddled up with four-week-old baby Kaiden.

The 56-year-old maths whiz had her long blonde locks down around her shoulders, and was smiling sweetly for the shot.

But she captioned the picture: "Me and little Kaiden, four weeks old. And NO I'm not broody... smacks on the bottom for anyone who even suggests it."

Carol's sweet snap - and saucy caption (Credit: Twitter).

However, fans immediately lined up to let her know that a spanking from the television beauty would be far from punishing.

With several replying to her tweet to confirm they'd actually quite enjoy the experience.

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Laughing... tired old bird here walked into that one.

After clocking the numerous replies, Carol saw the funny side and tweeted shortly afterwards: "Laughing... tired old bird here walked into that one... you're a VERY cheeky lot."

But the replies kept coming thick and fast.

Vorderman has a history of fans falling for her looks as well as her brains - having wowed viewers on Countdown for an incredible 26 years between 1982 and 2008.

And she's even been voted the winner of "Rear of the Year" twice.

Carol's rightly proud of her behind (Credit: Wenn)

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One thing's for sure - if Carol does start feeling broody any time soon, she'll have no shortage of offers!