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Sunday 24th June 2018

Brie Bella Gets Mommy-Shamed By Her Husband

The WWE star's hubby makes a case against disposable diapers.

It's hard out there for a new mom. So many decisions to make while questioning each and every choice. Even famous mamas aren't exempt from the constant overthinking and judgment.

Just ask Brie Bella.

Brie, who gave birth to daughter Birdie in May, boldly puts her life out there on Instagram and through her reality show Total Bellas on a daily basis. But she still has to deal with the strong opinions of others on how to parent...even in her own home.

Brie Bella gave birth to daughter Birdie in May. (Credit: Instagram/@thebriebella)

On an upcoming episode of the E! series, Brie's husband Daniel Bryan becomes obsessed with proving to the WWE starlet exactly why they need to use cloth diapers instead of disposable. Daniel takes his environmentally-friendly habits very seriously, and will basically stop at nothing to convince his wife that she ought to feel the same.

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His crusade actually extends to taking Brie on a field trip to a landfill...while she was pregnant.

Brie's husband, Daniel Bryan, has some strong opinions on disposable diapers. (Credit: Instagram/@thebriebella)

"Bryan will not stop talking about going to a landfill and seeing what diapers really do to the environment," she says. "You would think he could just show me some documentary, but no."

Oh, baby.

Not-so-fun fact Brie learns: Diapers take 500 years to decompose. Considering newborns can go through upwards of 11 diapers in a day, that's a whole lot of waste hanging around for a long, long time.

Daniel went to great lengths to convince Brie to go the cloth diaper route. (Credit: Instagram/@thebriebella)

Still, dragging your wife to a landfill while pregnant seems extreme.

Armed with gloves and shovels, the couple is led by a tour guide to hunt through the trash to see what they can dig up.

Brie got a first-hand look at where all of those dirty diapers go after they're thrown away. (Credit: E!)

"I can't believe how bad it stinks down here," Brie laments.

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"This is our first pregnancy, this is supposed to be fun and going to a landfill and seeing what diapers do to the environment is depressing," she adds. "It's so sad. I get it. I know!"

Hey, if you're going to be forced to a landfill, at least it's for a good cause.

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