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Friday 20th July 2018

Beloved 'Star Wars' Actor Sparks Concern Among Fans

Is everything OK?

Mark Hamill, the star of the original three Star Wars movies, was spotted riding in a wheelchair Tuesday at JFK airport in New York. So is everything okay?

A fan posted a photo of Hamill in the airport, wearing a hat to cover his face and carrying a small dog on his lap. The pic prompted worldwide concern.

(Credit: Twitter)

(Credit: Twitter)

But there was nothing to fear seeing as it was all a ruse designed to avoid airport craziness, Mark says.

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He wrote on Twitter, “HA! Arriving 5AM I tried the old "wheelchair trick" JUST 2 avoid autograph $alesmen/Dealer$ who constantly badger me (& my family) 2 increase value of their items-All the better 2 gouge TRUE FANS later on Ebay.”

Fans were glad to see that Hamill is in fact okay, especially after the death of his onscreen sister Carrie Fisher last December. He spoke about Carrie on Tuesday's episode of Ellen, saying that almost a year after she passed, her death still doesn't seem real.

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“We are all sort of mourning her. I always think of her in the present tense. I don’t think of her in the past,” he said.

Both Mark and Carrie (posthumously) star in the latest Star Wars film The Last Jedi, which will hit theaters Dec. 15.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' hits theaters December 15. (Credit: Disney)

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' hits theaters December 15. (Credit: Disney)

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