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Friday 20th July 2018

Audrey Roloff Celebrates Baby Ember's Major Milestone

So adorable!

As if Audrey Roloff truly needed a reason to celebrate the life of baby Ember, she used her daughter turning four months as an opportunity to share some details from her young life thus far.

On Thursday she took to Instagram to share an update on her baby girl.

Despite being open about the struggles of motherhood at times, the Little People, Big World star admits that, for her, "this stage is increasingly precious and full of wonder and joyous anticipation."

Roloff reveals that she has "fallen so in love with this little light" of hers, keen on documenting all the precious moments with every chance she gets.

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Of the things the young mother has experienced with her child over the past month, she points out "laughing and giggling, sitting up in her baby chair, a roadtrip [sic] to Bend to see all our old friends and church family, sleeping 7 hours at night, always telling stories, putting all the things in her mouth, and out growing [sic] most of her 3-6 month clothes."

Roloff also admits she never expected to "have a chunky baby."

"Look at those high-percentile rolls!" she added in the post.

And of the things that Ember loves, Roloff lists "her knee-socks, bath time, cuddling with mom and dad, SMILING (at literally anyone who gives her an ounce of attention), pulling hair, and sleeping in the car."

Though she repeatedly mentions how much she's in love with the child, it seems she's not the only one.

Fans couldn't help but acknowledge the gorgeous baby, sending plenty of praise her way.

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"So precious, they grow so fast," one person wrote, with another saying they can't believe that she's hit the 4-month mark already.

"I just LOVE following you and Jeremy and watching your little sweetie grow into such a beautiful little girl," a different fan wrote. "You are an inspiration!"

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