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Thursday 19th July 2018

Ant McPartlin admits future for his marriage is uncertain

He's thanked amazing wife Lisa for her support - and apologised for the hell he put her through

Ant McPartlin has opened up about how his addiction to painkillers and depression put a massive strain on his marriage to wife Lisa Armstrong.

Ant says he put Lisa through hell during his depression (Credit: Twitter)

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In a blisteringly honest new interview, his first since rehab, the Geordie TV legend says that he is sorry that he has put his devoted wife through some tough times of late, but says she has coped brilliantly while he's been away in rehab.

“I’ve put Lisa through hell with mood swings and depression and how it affects you," he told The Sun.

“I’m very sorry about the effect it has on partners.

Ant says he's sorry for putting wife Lisa though such a tough time (Credit: Twitter)

"This kind of stuff puts strains on any marriage.

Lisa’s been very supportive. As has Dec.

“In hindsight, I should have mentioned it earlier but you’re embarrassed about it.”

When asked if he thought his marriage could survive this dark episode in his life, he replied: "All I can say at the moment is that she’s been amazing — fantastic throughout.

“And we’re good. I was desperately worried about Lisa in rehab.

“But they start introducing phone calls after a few weeks.

“Lisa’s been very supportive. As has Dec. Time will tell (about the marriage). It’s very personal, isn’t it.”

Ant says that wife Lisa and best friend Dec have helped him through the worst of times (Credit: Twitter)

Ant also said that his mum Christine was pleased to see him getting better.

“She’s happy to have me back," he said.

“People do notice the difference in you when you’re down and depressed.

“She noticed it. She said she’s really happy to have her old son back, which is nice to hear.”

Ant says he is glad to have had treatment for his problems (Credit: Wenn)

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He added that as tough as it was, he is glad that he has undergone treatment at a facility.

“This is something that I’ve gone through, I’ve done it," he explained.

"I’ve stuck to it. I’m proud of doing it.

"There’s a very positive outcome which is great."

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