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Monday 24th September 2018

£50 celebrity advent calendar branded a "rip-off" by outraged shoppers

Is it worth the cash?

It seems as if must-have Christmas presents are getting more expensive by the year.

When we were young, a couple of satsumas at the bottom of a stocking were a generally acceptable gift.

But most parents now would have needed to start their Christmas savings in January to be able to afford some of today's most popular presents.

However, not all of them demonstrate great value for money, as unhappy parents are discovering.

Zoella - real name Zoe Sugg - has come under fire for her costly advent calendar (Credit: Phil Lewis/

YouTube star Zoella's "12 Days of Christmas" advent calendar has been on sale for some weeks, retailing at £50, and for her legions of young fans it's an essential purchase - meaning that parents will often have to foot the bill.

The product promises buyers will: "Discover 12 amazing and exclusive treats, from beautifully scented candles to stunning accessories, stationery, baking goodies and other special surprises."

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And cleverly, unlike most advent calendars which start on December 1st, Zoella's 12 days start on December 25th - making it a direct target for Christmas shoppers.

Zoella's advent calendar is an absolute rip off.

Zoella's "All You Need is Xmas" calendar in Jack Dean's video (Credit: YouTube/JaackMaate

Recipients will open a door a day, giving them a treat up until Friday January 5th - and with just 12 doors, each gift is under pressure to deliver value for money.

But rival YouTuber Jack Dean has posted a scathing video going through the calendar and appraising each item inside.

Unhappy buyers have taken to Twitter to share their disappointment about what the gifts actually are - a Christmas tree ornament, bits of stationery, some candles and even a small pouch of confetti.

Zoella's fan base is primarily young or pre-teen girls, who will be begging their parents to buy them this calendar for Christmas this year, regardless of its contents.

A bag of glitter is behind one of the doors (Credit: YouTube/JaackMaate)

And some of Zoella's fans pointed out that the responsibility of paying for these things lies with the parents - suggesting that if they can't afford it, to simply not buy it.

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The debate will no doubt continue on long into December - but one thing's for sure, Christmas isn't going to be cheap this year!