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Friday 20th April 2018

Rita Simons BLASTS EastEnders for blaming Roxy for Ronnie's death

The actress is no longer watching the soap

Rita Simons has only just packed her bags and left Albert Square and she's already stopped watching EastEnders.

That was quick!

Rita's character Roxy Mitchell and her sister Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) met a horrific end on New Year's Eve.

After hearing about the following episodes of the soap, Rita took to Twitter to blast the show for blaming Roxy for Ronnie's death.

Ronnie and Roxy died together in a pool, hours after Ronnie tied the knot to Jack.

Is ANYONE mourning Roxy on the square?

Roxy fell into the hotel's swimming pool after suffering a heart attack.

Sensing her danger, Ronnie jumped in after her, but was pulled down by the weight of her wedding dress.

Jack Branning claimed the cause of Roxy's cardiac arrest was drugs and blamed Roxy for the death of his wife.

Rita took fire at the BBC show on Twitter writing: "Don't watch Enders anymore so forgive me if I'm misinformed. But from what I ANYONE mourning Roxy on the square? Poor cow!"

Many viewers agreed with Rita, with some claiming that nobody made Ronnie jump in the pool.

One fan wrote: "Worst thing Enders ever did was get rid of you and Sam_Womack!"

Another added: "No, Ronnie decided to jump in and save her Roxy didn't make her."

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When Rita found out that the Mitchell sisters were being written out of the series once and for all, she revealed she was actually happy.

“A new boss [Sean O’Connor] came in, he wanted us to go, which we were all happy with,” she told the Herts and Essex Observer. “It was mutual, for a start, so you know, I wanted to go,”

“I had to get out of there, it was weird. I knew I had to get out of there because as an actor I needed to spread my wings.”

“All this lot here, they’re my family, so it’s really hard to break away when you are so attached to your cast members, but I knew I had to go,” she admitted.

While the ultimate decision to kill off Roxy and Ronnie was the idea of Sean O’Connor, Rita is philosophical about the move and says she will always remain close to her castmates.

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“When [the new producer] came to me with the idea I was ready to take it,” she explained.

“I thought this is the kick up the bum I needed to go.

“So I have to just take a leap of faith. Yes, it’s a big thing for a soap actor, but I have faith.

“I’ll be best mates with them ’til the end.”

Now out of the show, Rita is looking forward to embarking on every challenge that comes her way.

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