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Friday 20th April 2018

Corrie viewers stunned as Steve blurts out truth about baby Oliver

This was NOT expected

Steve's secret about being the real father of Leanne's baby has been the biggest ticking time bomb on the street for some time.

But no one expected the truth to come tumbling out quite so soon after little Oliver's arrival.

In tonight's episode, viewers watched agog as Steve held his son at the bistro, where the Platts where celebrating his birth.

Daddy two sons over... one alive, one dead.

Suddenly, from nowhere, he blurted out: "I'm so sorry.  He's my son, he's my son."

At first, Michelle thought he was getting confused and over-emotional because of his lost baby Ruairi.

But, as the grieving mum looked around at everyone's faces, the penny dropped. And Twitter went crazy!

Poor Michelle, naturally overcome with shock, ran to the toilets - she was followed by Leanne.

Inconsolable, she cried: "You handed me my husband's baby when mine had died. Why could your baby not have died?

"I thought we were coping with a shared tragedy, but I was own, because he was nowhere near as devastated because he has a back-up baby."

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Leanne tried to defend Steve to her so-called friend, saying: "You lost Ruairi, don't lose Steve."

But this just made Michelle see red and she walloped the new mum in the face.

Later, Steve tried to reason with his devastated wife, but she was in no mood to listen, spitting: "I suggest you go back to your son, you know the one Leanne managed to carry to full term...

"Daddy two sons... one alive, one dead."

Michelle then left the pub, telling Steve: "You killed us."

Oh, this is too heartbreaking. We don't see how our favourite soap couple can come back from this now.

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