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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Coronation Street SPOILER: Seb lands Faye in big trouble after stealing a car

Lots of drama is planned for the troubled teenager

It’s been a troublesome time for teenagers in Corrie lately what with Bethany being groomed and her friend Craig facing a tough time over how to help her. Now Faye Windass is being led astray.

Are all the male characters on the cobbles rotten spuds?

Faye, the easily led teenager, is about to get into trouble with the police thanks to her dodgy boyfriend Seb Franklin

Faye and Seb's relationship has always been difficult as he is a bit of a tearaway (Credit: ITV)

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He talks her into stealing a car but then when they’re caught out he scarpers, leaving his poor girlfriend to take the rap.

The lad was only released from a young offenders’ unit a few months back and Faye’s parents, Anna and Tim are, unsurprisingly, dead set against the two being together.

That didn’t stop the young lovers though; they’ve been secretly dating against her parents’ wishes.

Are all the male characters on the cobble rotten spuds?

How will Anna and Tim react if and when they find out their daughter is one half of Weatherfield’s own Bonnie and Clyde?

In upcoming scenes Seb will steal a car and land Faye in trouble (Credit: ITV)

Seb was supposed to be back on the straight and narrow but his apprenticeship isn’t exactly helpful.

After all, surely the best place for a young recovering felon isn’t with crooked builder Pat Phelan.

It all starts when Seb talks Faye into stealing a car but then they’re caught red-handed and he panics.

He’s frightened that another crime will send him back behind bars so he does a runner.

Seemingly, he cared more about getting out of trouble than saving his girlfriend.

Faye will be lumbered with talking to the police - will she take the blame or dob her boyfriend in? (Credit: ITV)

There Faye is, still sitting in the car as a stranger comes up to the door and challenges her.

The scenes were noticed as Ellie Leach and Harry Visinoni filmed on location. The storyline is expected to hit the screens in a few weeks.

Will Faye cover for Seb and take a criminal record or will she drop him in it after he deserted her?

And what on earth will her parents say? Surely she can’t keep what happens from them for long?

Seb has been away at a youth detention centre and had promised to clean up his act (Credit: ITV)

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Recently, show bosses announced that things will change for Faye after Debbie Rush who plays mum, Anna, confirmed she was going to leave her role. Her mystery exit scenes are expected to hit the screens early next year.

Could the tryst between Seb and Faye have something to do with it?

We’ll have to wait and see but there are definitely troubled waters ahead for yet another young character in Corrie.

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