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Monday 23rd April 2018

Check what Bradley Branning actor Charlie Clements looks like now!

He's DEFINITELY all grown up

We’ve got so used to seeing Stacey happy (mostly) with Mark Fowler these days, we’d forgotten she’d lived a whole different life.

Remember when she was married to Bradley Branning? Son of Max. Who she cheated on with Max.

That’s the one. He died after falling off a roof back in 2010.

While Bradders was always a little bit beta male, living in the shadows of his virile father, we always had a soft spot.

And when we say ‘soft’, he was definitely in our Top Three Hottest TV Gingers list.

He looked so boyish and wholesome, but had a rather sexy temper on him that made his cheeks rouge.

Well Bradley looks grown up.

In that there real life, Charlie is approaching his 30th birthday and a recent picture on his social media has proved he’s all grown up.

Gone are the trademark red locks and baby smooth cheeks; in their place are a shaved head, a MASSIVE beard – and a pair of black-rimmed spectacles.

Has he become a HIPSTER? That beard looks pretty incriminating...

Anyone else thing he shares a passing resemblance with comedian Frankie Boyle?

The shaven head is a relatively new look; Charlie still had a luscious head of hair when he appeared on Loose Women last year.

His changing appearance caused quite the stir then...

One Twitterer wrote: 'Well Bradley looks grown up'.

Another went a step further, sharing:

"Well Bradley looks grown up' tweeted one fan with a shocked face emoji while another impressed tweeter commented:

"Is is weird to fancy Bradley Branning from easterners watching loose women and finding myself being weirdly attracted to him wdf."

Imagine what everyone is going to say now...

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