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Tuesday 25th September 2018

Susanna Reid reveals naughtiest thing she's ever done

She had a rebellious streak at school!

She's well known for keeping the always outspoken Piers Morgan in check on Good Morning Britain.

But perhaps we should we keeping a close eye on Susanna Reid as well?!

The 46-year-old divulged her "naughtiest" behaviour on Wednesday after being quizzed by guest co-host Richard Madeley on whether she got up to mischief off-camera.

Susanna, you rebel! (Credit: ITV)

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At first, Susanna declined to comment, joking it wouldn't be suitable for TV, before remembering something she could actually share with viewers.

"I know what the naughtiest thing I ever did is!" she said.

"It was piercing my own ear in my Religious Studies lesson. I pierced one in the Religious Studies lesson and then I pierced the other on a coach trip to France."

I know what the naughtiest thing I ever did is! It was piercing my own ear in my Religious Studies lesson.

Not quite the juicy secret we were hoping for but still rather bold! (And painful. Ouch.)

She was joined by Richard Madeley on Wednesday's GMB (Credit: ITV)

Co-host Charlotte Hawkins responded, "You're such a rebel!" while Richard quipped: "I did exactly the same thing. In between running through wheat fields."

Don't try that one at home, anyone!

Fans found it quite funny, though, with one telling Susanna she always provides a laugh, while another cheeky viewer joked: "Blimey Piers Morgan pierces* our ears 5 days a week!"

Piers was noticeably absent from Wednesday's GMB, with fans waking up to Richard's face instead.

Of course, everyone wanted to know where Piers had gone. Sick? Stuck in traffic? Rowing with Lord Sugar?

The answer was pretty dull, though. He was abroad having a holiday in Los Angeles.

Piers was a no-show on Wednesday (Credit: ITV)

Tweeting a screengrab of the current weather in Beverly Hills, he said: "Thanks for all the concern over my 'shock' absence from GMB today. I just saw this weather forecast and realised I was in the wrong place."

Yup. We're jealous!

Of course, given Piers' divisive nature, some fans begged him to get on a plane and return to GMB as soon as possible, while others urged him to stay abroad for as long as possible.

Lucky Piers! (Credit: Twitter @PiersMorgan)

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Meanwhile, even though Piers is on the other side of the world, he's managed to keep up his banter with Susanna.

He tweeted a magazine cover today which claimed Susanna's desperate to give him the boot from GMB so she can be the solo star.

Reacting, Piers quipped: "Blimey, Susanna - I thought you were just starting to like me..."